Forest School

Learning from the land

We believe that being a Bairn is all about playing and learning outside with tools to support and develop imagination and self-expression. What better place to do that, than a woodland! Celebrating the magic of childhood and understanding the importance of play, we offer nature-based activities that support children's development that fosters social, and emotional skills while forming connections to the world around them and a few special adults. Our Bairns are encouraged to be curious, ask questions and explore the landscape to help cultivate a life-long love of learning.

Community Orientated Learning

At Bushcraft Bairns, we nurture the seeds of connection honouring intrinsic interactions with the land through play. We appreciate the values of permaculture - Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share, celebrating and linking these values in all that we do. Working with children’s natural curiosity and wonder, we gently motivate them to push their own comfort zones or “edges", exploring their ability level and providing appropriate challenges. We cultivate a community that supports the Bairns curiosity and imagination while also forming deep connections with nature. What we do at Bushcraft Bairns may look and feel like play to your child, but our caring and skilled mentors have a subtle way of weaving peacemaking, community-building, and a deep respect and love for mother nature into everyday.

Forest School Play

Nurturing Bairns in nature aged 3-8 years. Morning sessions (9 am -12 pm) Afternoon sessions (12 pm - 3pm) Full-Day sessions (9 am - 3 pm) ideal for homeschooling communities (Every Tuesday - Friday term-time) Summer Holiday Sessions Available

Forest Essentials

We will be outdoors all day, every day, come rain or shine! Let's dress for the mess.

To ensure our children are comfortable and prepared, please bring the items appropriate to the weather that day, labelled with your child’s name and leave valuables at home. 

We ask you to apply the first layer of sunscreen before you drop your child off. A sun hat can help your child manage the heat too. We advise still to bring along waterproofs, fleece, long-sleeved tops, and trousers to reduce any risk of stings or bites. 

When there is any rain or drizzle, as we often encounter some mud on our way into the forest, we would ask you to drop the children off dressed in their waterproofs, as we don’t want your child to get their clothes wet or muddy before we even start the day!

Any kit needed for sessions will be provided by Bushcraft Bairns. However, being a young adventurer is tiring work so we do recommend your Bairn brings a water bottle. If you use a particular sunscreen for sensitive skin, please pack it in your child’s rucksack. 



Footwear: wellies or strong/sturdy (ideally waterproof) outdoor shoes and warm woolen or manmade fibre socks. (not cotton, too sweaty and rubs)