About us

We’re a highly collaborative and supportive team, coming together on every project to ensure our Bairns get the very best from nature connections and play inquiries.

Our Mission

To inspire Bairns and provide a creative, safe space for them to explore, develop and learn. By engaging in rich multi-dimensional learning experiences within the woodland setting. 


Respecting the gifts that each Bairn brings into the world, such as innocence, spontaneity, curiosity, and intrinsic motivation. We nurture the individuals to help them gain their full potential.


Appreciating that all Bairns are different, and develop at unique stages, we

promote the holistic development of all involved, fostering resilient, confident, independent, and creative learners.


Bushcraft Bairns offers our learners the opportunity to take supported risks appropriate to the environment and to themselves!


Our Values

Providing a nurturing environment for our Bairns that is responsive to their needs and interests.


 Learning through landscapes and having endless opportunities to play in nature. Our holistic process develops the Bairns socially, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and intellectually whilst stimulating self-esteem, confidence, and communication skills. 



Our values stem from ‘Permaculture in Education’ encouraging our Bairns to promote Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share throughout our time together.


We nurture relationships and promote well-being, whilst challenging our learner’s curiosity and life skills. Giving our Bairns the power over their own learning journey while helping them see what options are available along the way!

"They both had such an awesome time at both forest school and yoga

We are looking at when we are at Comrie again and hopefully, they can join in some more fun."

"Laura is absolutely incredible
She teaches with such warmth and understanding of the kids' needs. My kids love her. We attended a session in which we used fire-making tools and did some carving too. Laura is very patient when it comes to explaining the different tools like the Dragon Sneeze, hehe."

Parent Voices

The Big Bairns

Laura Norval                                                                               

Edinburgh Bairn with 18 years of experience as a nursery practitioner and currently working towards my BA HONS in Childhood Studies. My passion for the outdoors and educating children led me to develop a career in running nature sessions for youngsters and achieving my Forest School Leader certificate and becoming a certified children’s yoga instructor.


Trained in ‘Early Childhood Woodwork’ and First Aid certified I promote hands-on learning that encourages risk benefits for the learners. I am certified as a designated safeguarding lead in outdoor provisions and also hold a certificate in intensive well-being support in the outdoors.


When not playing in the woodland, I am found exploring the vast peaks of the Himalayas, where I snowboard alongside my husband in Gulmarg.

Lynne Copland

Local Bairn who is a lover of the sun, getting messy, and exploring the outdoors, you’ll usually find me lost with Mother Nature in the woods. The great outdoors is ever-changing and I find it fascinating to be part of it, growing and learning with each season as it comes. 

I am trained and experienced in ‘Childhood Woodwork’, and I understand the importance it brings to our Bairns, expressing creativity and imagination. Developing a ‘Can Do’ attitude. I am certified as a designated safeguarding lead in outdoor provisions.     


I am a Nursery Practitioner and Forest Kindergarten trained, currently working towards my Children’s Yoga Instructor Certificate.